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American Home Health Care is proud to uphold the following standards of service, as outlined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS):

A supplier is responsible to fill orders from its own inventory of other companies with which it has contacts to fill such orders, or fabricates or fits such items for sake from supplies it buys under a contract.

A supplier is responsible to oversee delivery of items that the supplier ordered for the beneficiary. The supplier is also responsible to assure delivery of large items to the beneficiary.

A supplier honors all warranties, express or implied, under applicable State Law.

A supplier will answer questions or complaints of a beneficiary. If the beneficiary has a question about Medicare, the supplier will refer the beneficiary to the appropriate carrier.

A supplier maintains and repairs directly, or through a service contract with another company, items it rents to a beneficiary.

A supplier accepts returns of substandard (less than full quality for a particular item) or unsuitable items (inappropriate for the beneficiary at the time it was fitted and sold) from the beneficiary.

A supplier discloses consumer information to each Medicare customer. This consists of a copy of these supplier standards to which it must conform.

A supplier complies with the disclosure provisions in Title XI of the Social Security Act, section 1124(a).

A supplier must comply with all State and Federal licensure and regulatory requirements.

A supplier must maintain a physical facility on an appropriate site.

A supplier must have proof of appropriate liability insurance.